Bypass confirmation email using paypal?

No matter what I try, I cannot get s2member to send confirmation emails. Paypal payments happen OK, but the confirmation email never arrives, so subscribers cannot access content. Is there a way to bypass this, i.e. PayPal confirms payment and autoredirects to registration form?

Hi Rodolfo.

Do other emails from your WP installation go out fine? Does the signup confirmation email get sent on registration?

Here are some tips to troubleshoot email delivery:

When the person pays over at PayPal and gets sent back to the s2Member return page, a cookie is set in his browser that will allow him to register with the access he just paid for. So on return you can have the person go to the registration page right away and create his account.

The payment confirmation email would include a signup link which doesn’t require the cookie. So it would be good to find out why yours isn’t being sent.

Please enable logging and do a test purchase (can be just a few cents). Does it show up in the logs? Can you show me all the relevant entries from the log files?

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: