Buy Now CCAP for just 1 year despite membership level subscription

After reading the documentation I don’t see a way to accomplish what I want to do but I thought I’d reach out here to make sure.

Many of my members are on a yearly recurring subscription for their membership level. This means they don’t have an EOT. I want to offer a Buy Now form for a CCAP that lasts for only 1 year, despite how their membership level is handled.

Is this possible? It seems not to be as the documentation states:

“Buy Now involves a one-time payment for access which lasts until the Member’s Membership Level Subscription expires or is canceled. If they have a Lifetime account with your website, they will also have Lifetime access to the Independent Custom Capabilities.”

But perhaps there’s a way I can not see?

Hi Gigi.

EOT is for levels, not ccaps… But you could do it with s2Drip, though.

[s2Drip access="ccap_name" from_day="1" to_day="366"]

Does that help? :slight_smile:

oh interesting idea! Thanks @clavaque. I’ll play around with that :slight_smile:

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unfortunately that doesn’t solve my particular situation as what I’m after is granting a particular CCAP to a user.

I’m essentially running two sites– a WP site and a custom site built on Python. The custom site picks up user data from WP to know what they should have access to. Therefore, having the CCAP associated with their account is essential. s2member shortcodes won’t work in my custom site.

In case you’re the curious type, here’s the low down on what exactly I’m doing:

This is a site for teachers. Registration, membership, resources, etc is done through s2member and WP. Course Management (creating courses, managing enrollment, viewing homework, etc) is done through my custom site. We pass along needed account info to this custom site from WP database.

We are about to require that students pay us a small fee when they register for a course (not to the teacher but to us to help offset our costs). However, some teachers want to pre-pay this amount for their students so that the course remains free to them. In that case, we would remove all instances of the fee from the student registration process. The cost for a teacher to do this would be based on the number of students taught the previous year. Thus, every year the amount would need to be re-evaluated and re-purchased.

My thought was to have teachers use the buy now form to buy the CCAP “prepay”. Then, my custom site could turn the fee feature on or off based on the CCAP associated with the particular teacher.

I figured with the limitations of the Buy Now form I would just manually go in and remove the CCAP from all users at the start of our year and then resend the link for them to purchase the CCAP. A little clunky but at this point, there are not too many teachers using this feature.

I see. Well, maybe with a little hack you could have the ccap removed for you, and email them about renewal too. This article can help you.


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