BuddyPress or s2member - which one to install first

I intend to buy s2memeber for multisite installation. In addition to standard articles, forums (bbPress) and classified ads, I will also install the BuddyPress plugin. Registration with s2member will be done through the BuddyPress plugin. Does it matter which of the two plugins I install first, BuddyPress or s2member?


Well, it doesn’t matter which comes first, you can still use them together. It would be important for custom profile fields, because s2 has a different system than BuddyPress.

So, I’d say that if you’ll start getting users before adding the second plugin, start with the one that has the custom fields you want to use.

You may want to watch this too:

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I have used s2Member for years before I added BuddyPress.