Bookings/Temporary Memberships

Is there a way to set a temporary membership such that it based on a booking and completion?

I have a client who runs a small paragliding business.

They get bookings for tandem joyflights.

Because the weather isnt exactly predictable, trying to book a flight for a specific calender day isnt exactly a great idea…if there is no wind, or its raining, or wind is wrong direction, or it might be for a future special present for a birthday or something…anyway, the business owner may not be able to fulfill the booking. on a specific day/date/

This does not mean the client has paid for nothing, rather the date of the flight is fluid/variable

What we want is to be able to keep a “booking/temporary membership” until the flight is completed…then tick it off as done and then the membership would end.

the business operator would want to be able to view bookings/temporary members who have not completed their joyflight…so that he/she knows who to contact to ensure all customers get what they have paid for and do not miss out (sometimes it can be weeks or even a month after initial booking that flight takes place)…its easy to lose track of customers who have paid.

How might i go about achieving that in s2members?