Bogus emails on registration

I am getting a lot of bogus emails on my login page, particularly ones with Chinese characters.

Does anyone know if Google’s reCAPTCHA will help with this?

Has anyone else had this issue?

Do you mean bogus emails on you registration page?

Expect hundreds of bogus login and registration attempts per day. This is the norm.

I was getting lots of bogus newsletter sign-ups on my site, to the point where Amazon SES (which is what I use to send emails) sent me a warning about the number of bounces and complaints. So I added a reCAPTCHA box to the sign-up page and problem solved.

FYI - I have recently been receiving new spam via contact forms that are protected by recaptcha on the topic of…you guessed it…automated mailers that can defeat recaptcha using A.I.

To defeat those I took advantage of a second protection feature. My forms provider (Formidable forms) will block form requests that involve blocked keywords from the built-in WordPress comments blocked keywords list. So I blocked the keyword reCaptcha…ironic :slight_smile: