Block people from registering?

Is there a way to block people from registering based on name, email, IP or something else? I have one person that keeps registering and making a purchase with PayPal, then will dispute the charge, get his money back. Just to register again.

The service I see is time-sensitive and updated daily so he is reaping the benefits and scamming me out of money.

Hi Brian,

s2Member doesn’t have a registrations banning feature… It does temp ban logins as part of the Brute Force and Unique IP restrictions, but not as you describe for registrations.

You could search for a plugin that adds registration bans, but and I don’t know if it’d help, he’d just need to use a different email or IP to get back in…

It’d seem to be more helpful to find out if PayPal lets you block someone’s account, that is not something he can replace as easily… But after a while of searching, I couldn’t find how, Paypal doesn’t give a way for a business block a buyer.