Bitly requiring us to use their V4 API - s2member update?

Just received an email this morning from Bitly saying that as of March 1st, V2 and V3 of the Bitly API will no longer work.

Is s2member ready to work with V4? Or do we require an update?

Would appreciate an answer to this asap as we currently rely on Bitly for one-time purchase links.


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Any chance of a response on this?

I just received another warning email from saying that s2member’s integration will no longer work from March 31st onward.

Can we get an update on this?


I have actually the same question - (:

Looks like I found a workaround. Tinyurl seems to be working again. Just go to S2 General Options, scroll down to URL Shortening Service Preference and switch to Tinyrl as a Service - seems to work and avoid alltogether. Cheers

@clavaque - you might want to comment on this one (just a bit of helpful triage :-).