Billing Modification

I am unsure how to use the Billing Modification shortcode. Here is my setup:

I have 3 plans:

  • The Lab at $10/month, which is Level 1
  • DIAMOND at $25/month, which is Level 2
  • DIAMOND at $250/year, which is Level 2

I would like to create a page where someone could change their plans however, so i am wrapping multiple shortcodes together, BUT my problem is that using Elementor, I cannot use the php code I need for The Lab membership (it works like a magazine so there is a php code to know when a subscription starts). I use ips-snippet plugin for that and it works fine on its own, however, that shortcode does not seem to be recognized when wrapped into a single pro-form.

Is it supposed to work? Or will I have to find a convoluted workaround?

Is there a way to use a Paypal button for a “modification” of their current membership? If i just replace the “Button level” to a * instead of a number, would that work? If so, I could have a button for each possible plan they might want to change to.