Billing modification #1 authentication failed

I have a member trying to modify his membership and go to a level 2 from a level 1 membership. I have billing modification Pro forms set up and He is getting error “#1 user authentication failed”… help?

Hi Carol.

Is he logged in to his account when he loads the page with the modification pro-form?

Do you have logging enabled? Do you get a log entry for it? WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

If you’re using Stripe, what do their logs show for it?

Yes he is logged in as the modification pro form is on the login welcome page.

It was working this morning until I changed to purchase being redirected to registration page after purchase instead of new members getting an email to register after purchase as they were going to spam…ugh I seriously should not quit my day job and do IT work lol
Anyway now I have no idea how I did that so I can undo it :confused:
I do have a log entry for it… how do I send it to you?