Become S2 member w/out Paypal acct?

Hi, I’m creating a new membership website w/ S2Member (S2), just building it on my local machine. I’m using sandbox of Paypal (PP) to test out that functionality. When a prospective or renewing member presses the PP button and is directed to PP site, they have the option of signing in to their PP acct or just paying with a credit card (through PP). Does the S2-PP handshaking handle this case? In other words, after the person successfully pays PP using their credit card but not creating a PP acct, are they re-directed back to the membership website and are activated as a paid member (and fill out their registration, etc)? I would test this out in PP sandbox, but it seems they want an actual credit card, so I didn’t want to test that out. Thanks for probably a dumb question, but I couldn’t find the answer readily in the forum.

The answer is YES to your question. Using s2member with PayPal a user of your service can make a purchase via credit card without having a PayPal account or be required to create a PayPal account.

Regarding your PayPal credit card testing dilemma, you do not need a real credit card to test. PayPal provides a set of test credit card numbers. See

Awesome, thank-you so much.