Ban User via IP

Sorry if this has been asked before!
Can I use S2Member to ban users / visitors via their IP address.


Hi Brian.

No, s2Member doesn’t include a banning system.

There’s the IP restriction, but that’s to limit the number of different IPs a single account can be logged into from. WP Admin > s2Member > Restrictions > Unique IPs


You can custom develop it, where you create a table for IP addresses you want to ban, then have every user that visits with an IP in that table be redirected elsewhere… but just so you know, Proxies (VPN’s) could get them around it.

easy as once you have the table created and the ips added, then create a hook that loads when wp loads and just do a simple call from the table where IP = the visitors IP, if it is in there, then redirect their browser. Pretty simple.

Probably best to use a plugin specialized for that, like Wordfence.

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