Automatic Registration

Is there a method for Creating a Subscriber, by creating a url, with user parameters passed in such as email. I want to bypass the a free registration form. In my case I am using email for username, so to create an account I only need an email.

I saw that there are remote api’s with create_user can that be used for what I want to accomplish?

This sounds like a WP question, you just want a form with a single box, the email. Then, the response of form submission is to create user with that email. There is a simple php function to create a user, and I use it like this:
$username = $email; //$email would be gleaned from your form
$password = wp_generate_password();
$result = wp_create_user($username, $password, $email);

If the user ever wanted to login, they’d just need to say they forgot password to be emailed a link.

Thanks for your response, but there isn’t a form involved. I have a marketing partner sending me traffic, I want to provide them with a url and they would pass me the email in the query string. For each email submitted I would create a subscriber account and redirect the user to my level 1 check out page.

Okay, that sounds like a “CRUD” application. I’m not an expert, but here’s a link:

Maybe you can find a plugin to extract the email? You’ll still need to process the email (i.e. create a user), and the php code I gave above should work. Good luck.