Auto reminder format

My EOT reminder email form (with stripe) has been deleted.
I think I’ve set it up again, but could someone confirm this is correct for ‘recipients’ box? Obviously, I want it to go out to everyone who is about to need to renew.

%%user_full_name%% <%%user_email%%>

Hi! I use this:

"%%user_full_name%%" <%%user_email%%>; "%%full_name%%" <%%payer_email%%>

I wish it helps!

Thanks. Looks like my version should work then? I’ll test it and if not, I’ll add on your other part!

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You forgot the double quotes to isolate the name.

I did eventually spot that, but it didn’t help.
I then tried your version and it isn’t working for me…

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Oh no! Really? :cry:

Did you set up the other fields like in the image above? Negative numbers for before EOT, positive for after, zero for the moment of EOT (there’s sometimes a delay in processing).

If you want you can even not use the “friendly” name and just use the <%%user_email%%> instead to test things out.

Also, check if your wordpress installation is sending emails to your users properly. I use Post SMTP (it’s a Wordpress plugin) to manage that. :sunglasses:

I think it’s set up like your example:-

Wordpress is sending other emails ok - and it was working fine until this EOT reminder set up all went blank

So if I just use <%%user_email%%> then an email should be sent out to any user when the EOT comes up?
What does the “friendly” bit do?
and what is the difference between ‘user_email’ and ‘payer_email’?!

I mean friendly because it’s the name that shows up, it’s mostly useful when you’re sending messages and you want them seeing your (business) name instead of,and%20the%20company%20email%20address.

You need to set your preferences according to the instructions on that screen.

If you just want a notification sent to the USER, you’ll use user_email, if you want the notification also sent to the PAYER you’ll also add the payer_email, you separate them with a semi-colon.

The moment when those emails are sent are defined by those numbers, as I explained in my previous comment. I also like to send warnings 1 and 7 days before.

And to have the EOT reminders turned on you need to have them enabled (like also shown on my previous comment).

Also, that setting is the same for both PayPal and Stripe, so whenever you change one, the other is changed as well.


Sorry, I just saw that screenshot is yours and not mine :man_facepalming:t2:

It looks correct to me (you forgot the space after the semi colon, but I am not sure it’s necessary).

At least according to your settings both emails from your subscribers (payment email AND website’s user email addresses) should receive a message 2 days, then the day before, then around the moment they lose access (sometimes with a considerable amount of hours in delay, depending on how your system is synchronizing everything).

Also, you need to adjust the recipients, subjects and contents of the messages for each of those three emails (if you click on those buttons that have the numbers on them you’ll see that you must set them for each independently). If you only fill up those fields when your -2 button is selected like shown in your screenshot, they’ll only receive the -2 days notification (2 days before EOT) and not the others!!!

Thank you so much - you’ve been really helpful.
It’s actually helped my basic understanding as much as anything else - I’m on a very steep learning curve!
I hadn’t realised each email had to be set up - in fact, I’m now pretty sure I never lost the info at all, it was just hiding on a different email.
I’ve now had partial success. Of my two test users - one got the email and one didn’t!
I’ve probably been fiddling around too much and need to be more rigorous in my testing now as I changed a few things in one go. I can’t see any difference in the two users so it’s still a bit frustrating, but you probably can’t help with that!
It does look like my basic set up is pretty much correct now so thank you again


user_email is the email address your user uses on your site when registering

payer_email is the e-mail your user uses on PayPal or Stripe

It’s very frequently different, because people like to use different addresses when dealing with their finances versus regular / less sensitive content, plus sometimes one person pays for another (family members etc).

And you’re very welcome :innocent:

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