Auto-populate membership renewal form

We instruct our members to login first before renewing. Despite being logged in, the renewal form is not auto-populated with the member’s prior user information. This was not always the case (ie: auto-populate use to work). Not sure when this regression first appeared. Any help much appreciated.

Hi William.

This was not changed in s2. If it’s not working, something else is causing the odd behavior. Either the user is not really logged in on that page (perhaps an inconsisten use of the www in the page address), or maybe something is conflicting with the form’s javascript (does it look as usual, does it work well?)

Would you like to send me a link to the page to see if I notice something? And if there’s free registration, I can create an account to try see the behavior on my end.


Cristian, many thanks.

FYI … I’ve already tested for a plugin conflict by disabling one-at-a-time and retesting.

As far as I can tell, JavaScript is working fine.

I’ve set up a dummy active member (expires March 31st) for your review. This record contains values in all fields except alternate Email). You’ll see no fields are populating the renewal form

Login using (login link upper right corner on blue top menu bar):

You’ll see S2Member name variables displaying displaying first name (S2) and Last name (Member) in welcome plus membership expiration date.

After login, here’s the join/renew form:
Note the update profile function does populate all fields:

if you’d like admin access, I can alter this test record to that status.

Thanks again.

William P Riley

Hi William.

Thank you very much for the details and access.

After login, here’s the join/renew form:

I see… I checked the network connections and found that s2’s javascript file is not loading, I get a 404 not found error. So check that in your installation.

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Cristian, thanks.

Your screen capture doesn’t allow me to see the full file name of the 404 javascript. Can you copy/paste the entire path and file name?

Also, what’s the best way to fix this, reinstall S2Member, reinstall S2Member Pro, or some other way?

Thanks again.


The URL is:

That gives a 404, but if I try the file without the query string, it’s there and gives a 200.

That makes me suspect that some config in your server is preventing the “too long” url from loading, for some security rule/reason. This article comes to mind:

I suggest that you contact your web host support about this and ask them to help you with that.

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: