Authorizenet renewal

When members try to renew their membership (we use authorizenet), and they select a credit card option, they get an error 33 with the message “phone is required”. There is no phone option in the fields that come up on the credit card information.

Is there a way to add a phone fields in the credit card fields or is this something that needs to be set in the authorizenet admin?

thanks in advance.

Hi Biorn.

Could I have a look at the page? Could you show me the pro-form shortcode you’re using?

If you haven’t yet, could you enable logging, reproduce it, and show me the log entries? (obscuring personal details)

When did that start happening? Were you getting payments before that?



Thanks for getting back to me. After more troubleshooting, the issue seem to be the settings in authnet. When I checked the settings there, I could see that the phone was set to required. Once I unchecked the phone, the error was gone.

I guess my next question would be: for people that have the phone set as required in authnet, how can the phone field be added to the card fields for a renewal?

Thanks again<