Authorize.NET - Send Phone Number With Payment Attempts?

I’m using Authorize.NET Pro Forms and one of my “Additional Info” fields is the phone number, which is required. If the potential customer’s card is declined, no WordPress user is created, so the phone # is not captured, and this additional field is not sent to Authorize.NET, so the phone # is not captured in the transaction report.

How do I send this additional data so that it appears in the Authorize.NET transaction detail report?

A related question or other solution might be - can I get a “failed” notification somehow via the API that has my custom field phone_number in it?

I looked through the Authorize.NET API and it seems phoneNumber is a subvariable in the billTo section of createTransactionRequest, but the Billing Address section in my Pro Forms only has:

Street Address *
City / Town *
State / Province *
Postal / Zip Code *
Country *

I searched through the s2 files, and see where that could be added and tried. It’d need the form template, the part that processes the form, the authnet utilities, etc.

Some of the files:

You’re the first I’ve seen request this, but I can give it a go for you. I’m kind of busy with a few security fixes at the moment, though. How urgent is this for you?


Thanks [clavaque] - obviously security fixes take precedence over all - I’ll watch this thread or the readme for changes when they happen.

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