New Certificate Required to Avoid Breakage by Feb 21, 2024?

Hello! I’m a Pro member and use, and today, on, I see this popup:

Planned System Maintenance Notification - Expiring Certificate Update - 2024 is renewing an expiring leaf certificate. This change only affects merchants using’s APIs on their website or payment application. [emphasis added] The root and intermediate certificates will remain the same. If your site or application trusts Entrust’s root and intermediate certificate, this change will be transparent.

However, if your site or application requires trusting a leaf certificate, you must install or trust the new leaf certificate before the update. The update is scheduled for 2/21/2024 ~9:00pm PT - 02/22/2024 ~10:30pm PT for both Sandbox and Product.

For more information and to obtain the necessary certificates, please refer to our support article: How do I obtain Authorize.nets Certificate for my host/solution provider?

Is this an issue that will affect our usage of s2member Pro? If it will break our Authorize Pro forms, could you please fix ASAP and post the update?

Thank you!

Hi Bill!

I researched this, and can’t find anything in s2Member Pro’s code that handles or deals directly with Authorize.Net’s security certificates.

It’s your website’s hosting server that takes care of these certificates. It uses a system of trusted certificates to verify that it’s safely connecting to

Servers typically update these trusted certificates automatically. They are set up to trust certificates from recognized authorities, ensuring a smooth continuation of services like

I’d suggest that you contact your web hosting provider, and ask if they’re prepared for this. Please let me know what they tell you.

I look forward to your update.