Auth.Net Demotions No Longer Happening After v191022 Pro Update

It appears in my long running installation, that the Authorize.Net auto-EOL process stopped function after the [] Pro update - anyone verify same for them and give me an idea how to fix?

v191022 doesn’t change anything that would affect EOT or Auth.Net.

Could you verify that your Auto EOT is still enabled and configured? WP Admin > s2Member > Auth Options > Auto EOT

If it is, then please give me more information about how you noticed the behavior and how to reproduce it, please. You may also want to enable logging. WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

I read some of the other posts for the EOT process suddenly not working that seem to be an open issue still - auto-EOT was still chosen, I resaved that page anyway, without looking at the actual DB settings. I checked out WP-Cron to see if there was some issue, but nothing stood out - then I disabled wp-cron in the WP config file, and set my real server cron to run the wp-cron.php every 5 minutes. I have a user that should auto-EOT in the evening tomorrow, so I’ll enable logs and see what happens.

So the Auto EOT Behavior setting was still enabled and configured on your installation? Good.

Ok. Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

I had to go out of town today, so I didn’t enable logging, but the user that should have auto-EOT’d did, so something I changed worked. How’s that for useful info? Thanks.

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I’m glad it worked. :slight_smile:

We still don’t know what caused the misbehavior before, though…

Please keep logging enabled and an eye on this. If you spot the EOT issue again, please update this thread with all the info you can provide related to it.