Attach file to membership renew/success emails?

Hi. I need to send users a file attachment after they purchase membership. So perhaps adding it to the default s2Member emails would be best.

Does anyone have a clue how I can go about this?

Thank you

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This cannot be done without custom code. I’ve done it previously by integrating s2Member and Gravity Forms’ User Registration addon functionality which was a major undertaking. However, if you use a mailing list management system that allows sending sequential emails, it might be easier to use that. That is, when the user registers/renews you update the mailing list and use a workflow created there to send out the email with the attachment. Capabilities vary greatly among those services so it would depend on which service you’re using.

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Hi Paul.

Does it have to be an attachment, or could it be a file on your server that you link to from your email? Maybe that approach would be much simpler.


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Thanks @JediShark, but I don’t use a mailing list.

It needs to be added to the email because iOS users who bought VPN access via my website can then import the VPN config file to OpenVPN Client.

Apparently iOS users cannot right click a link on a website and save as? Bizarre!

At the moment after buying membership they have to email me and ask for the file, a bit unprofessional!

Thanks for any ideas.

Can it be added perhaps? Just using wp_mail()?

Got it. Ok, added it to the feature requests list with your vote. :slight_smile:

OK, thanks a lot.