Approving New Members

Hi all, I’m probably going to change my site so I can approve new members before they are allowed to purchase a new subscription. For those who are doing this, how are you verifying new members? They will all be strangers to me. Are you emailing them for confirmation?

I had a lot of registrations a few months ago through PayPal with stolen credit card numbers. I’m trying to find the best way to prevent that from happening again. Thanks!

there are some paypal things like Stripe radar. Or use button payment - I guess it happened on pro form? Did paypal charge you chargeback fees? Did they threaten to close your account if you cannot stop it?

If you want to approve new registrations, you could protect the content at level 1, for example. Users register free at level 0, then you can review him and change his level to 1 if approved.

At level 1 you could have the payment button, and the paid content could be at level 2, for example. WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options

In the registration, you could have a required custom profile field that requires at least 5 characters, for example, which will keep out most bots that try to register on your site. WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields & Options

If on registration you don’t allow custom passwords, then the person would get an email with a link to set the password, basically validating the email address. WP Admin > s2Member > General Options > Registration/Profile Fields & Options > Allow Custom Passwords

So you’d be putting the person through several steps that validate and qualify him… Is that more or less what you’re looking for?


I ended up removing the ability to use credit cards without a PayPal account. Hopefully that covers things better. It hasn’t seemed to change the number of subscribers coming in… fingers crossed. Thanks, all!

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