Apply coupon for first year of monthly payments only

Hi I’m trying to set up a coupon to give the user a 20% discount for the monthly payments for the first year only.

Hi Joe,

That’s not possible, sorry. The regular payments can’t be changed in an active subscription, they’re all the same.

What can be changed is the initial term payment, which is not a regular one, and you can apply a coupon to just it. But it’s only one initial term, not 12.

What you could do is a discount for those who pay the first year in advance (initial term 1 year), in one payment, and then the regular payments start on month 13 (regular payments monthly).


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Not the answer I was hoping for but thank you.

Yes, just a quick note, if you have a trial term on Stripe and the payment doesn’t go through access is given anyway (even if the trial amount isn’t zero).

I don’t use the trial amount to include a set up expense for the first month anymore because of that.

It would be nice to have a coupon that’s not recurring, so we can give a certain amount that can be used as if it were a store credit of sorts. :wink: