API Notifications When Changes Made on Welcome Page?


I realized recently that site members logging in and making changes to custom data on their welcome pages were not being updated on my local database.

It was easy to see why - I never created a notification script to update my local database when these changes were made on the membership site (this is a different server & database than the wordpress membership site running S2Member)

I create a PHP script to do the necessary updating, and added the URL to the Modification Notification section under API/Notifications. I tested it by logging in as a member, changing some custom data and then submitting those changes. This never triggered the modification notification, and in reading through its description, it appears that this notification only handles payment changes.

Is there a different API notification that will be able to handle custom data changes made on the welcome page? If not, any suggestions as to how I can hook into the “Save All Changes” button on that page to pass the data to my external script?


Hi Ben.

Right, the modification notification is not for that. I guess you’re talking about custom profile field changes? No, there isn’t an s2 notification for it…

You could browse the code for a WP hook that you could use for your hack. Maybe ws_plugin__s2member_after_handle_profile_modifications

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: