"Anyone can register" is disabled by s2member plugin

I have followed exactly the instructions but I am unable to sign up via BuddyPress. I don’t want free registrations so level-0 is disabled. However, it does not allow new registrations. The moment you submit you get to see a message that registrations is not allowed. In my general wordpress settings the “Anyone can register” is disabled while I know I have enabled it. Log files are empty and no plugins are in conflicts.

Next question. It’s for me unclear to which page I have to point to for new registration. Is it the Buddypress registration or the Option page where they can pick their level?

Please advice.

ps: I want to start with the free version first to try it out. I’m currently on Patreon but I don’t want to be part of them anymore.

As you can see “Enable registration” check box is switched off and I am unable to enable it.

I am able to recreate this issue with a clean wordpress installation.

Yes, it does. That’s what the PayPal buttons are for: you generate a shortcode and put it where you want.

By the way, if you really want help, don’t paste screenshots unless specifically asked to do so. They rarely contain any useful information. Paste the URL of the relevant page(s) instead.

No, it doesn’t. A friend tried it out by clicking on the paypal button and showed that he was redirected to a page with the message the website don’t allow registrations which is quite logical because the enable registration is deactivated.

Ah, I realize that we are are talking at cross purposes.

You have used WordPress to switch off registrations. You need to turn that back on, and use s2Member to switch off free registrations. See General Options -> Open Registration

No, s2member plugin has switched off the “open registration” while I have switched it on before installation. As displayed in the image it’s locked. So I can’t manually override it. Switching off or on Open Registration does not help.
This problem is also recreated on a clean Wordpress installation.

“Clean” installation as in no other plugins at all except fror s2Member? (I ask because people often claim a site is clean when they are actually running another plugin that’s really important to them.)

If so, then it’s difficult to know the cause, especially without the URL to look at. I’d suspect some sort of security or caching issue, e.g. Varnish, or maybe the method of installation you used (e.g. cloning via cPanel) has corrupted s2Member.

I am not them. It’s a test site so other plugins are not important to me. I do a test site if something is not working.

Only Buddypress and s2 are installed. When I deactivate s2 everything is working back to normal so it’s s2.

But you are them. You had BuddyPress installed too (because it’s important to you). What happens when you deactivate BuddyPress?

I’m not them. I tried without it first.
But i’ve solved it.

You want to know how?