Anti-bot captcha for registration page

How can we keep robots from registering with the open registration link? Is there a way to add a captcha with S2 Member or do I need to use another plugin?


If you look under s2Member>general options>Captcha antispam security it will explain how to add captcha to your Pro forms. (you’ll also need to set up keys with Google)

But not for registration pages. You’ll need a third party plugin for that. I use it works great and is free.

Thanks so much! This is what I need.

I am able to put a captcha on my page for memberships but I am not able to put a captcha on the following: http://mysite/wp-login.php?action=register

Can anyone help me with how to do this? If I try to use one of the captcha plugins they do not work (I have tried 3). My assumption is that S2 has taken control of that page (the S2 logo is on it) and that is interfering with my success.