Amazon S3 Bucket Setup/GTmetrix results

Hello everyone,
Could I get some suggestions to figure this out?

When I go into S2 member pro and set up my amazon S3 bucket, the region I require is eu west 2 which does not appear on the drop down menu. There is eu west 1 this is Frankfurt.
I set up the S3 bucket in the generic setting, and put the access id and key in, saved all changes. I then went into GTmetrix to see if the cdn in YSlow had made a difference and it did not.

  1. Is this because i cannot set the region from S2 to be the same as my S3 bucket region
  2. How else can i improve the YSLow cdn which flags up the s2 members plugin as the cause of reduce optimisation.

I have two other websites that I will need to do the same with, so getting a solution would be a great help :slight_smile:

see screen shot:

You should open a support ticket and ask to have the relevant Amazon bucket added to the list.

Is this bucket new? I know that Amazon have been adding new buckets in the US, and s2Member is going to need updating to make them available them too.

Hi Tim,
Thank you for your response, when I log into my s2 member account, I cannot find where to submit a support ticket:neutral_face:

I am not sure if it is a new bucket, i set it up a few weeks ago and saw the option to pick the nearest location/region to me.

Thank you, please let me know where I can submit a support ticket, would be useful for me:relaxed:


Just go to and start a chat.