Amason AWS Video and s2

My videos are currently hosted using Amazon S3, in a private bucket.
I’m using the flow player plugin for my videos and it works without any issue… with one exception, the plugin is now removed from the repository and is seemingly abandoned and unlikely to ever be worked on again. And I don’t especially wish to use an abandoned plugin for fairly obvious reasons

Is there a way to get videos to work with WordPress’s native video player? (without changing the privacy in the bucket to be public)

I know there are a few paid options out there for players, but surely this is the kind of thing that should be achievable without.
Failing that, and I appreciate it might be an ask, but is there any way that a Video option can be added to s2 itself?


This might not answer your question, but I have been using Easy Video Suite, which I bought several years ago. It is no longer available for purchase as it is not “maintained” but initial support is still available. I mentioned the exact same concerns to the developer and he is still there to help (although the plugin works fine, still).

But I sure would like to also know of a way to add videos from AS3 to WP, just in case one WP update ever breaks that plugin.

One of the best decitions I have taken was to migrate from S3 to Vimeo.

Well… apparently the native video player now works with S3 (I’m on 5.5.3, not upgraded to WP 5.6 yet)

I randomly tried it a few days ago. Using a Gutenberg video block.
I added the source using

And the video played without issue, from my S3 bucket, which is private.
However, there are two issues with the native player, it allows right click downloads and a download option in the player controls.
So I added this HTML to the block to remove them
<video oncontextmenu=“return false;” controls="" controlslist=“nodownload”

I guess in theory its possible to download the videos, but its much harder to do so.

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