Always redirected to Member page

I recently moved my WordPress blog from HostGator to Siteground. For a while, everything was working fine. However, now whenever I attempt to hit the Home page of my site, I’m directed to the Members page.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Disabling all plug-ins. S2Member is clearly the problem.
  2. Disabling and reenabling S2Member.
  3. Clearing cache (both host cache and browser cache).
  4. Removing all page, post, category, and API restrictions.

I see someone else ran into a similar issue a long time ago, but the solution was not published:

Note that the following values are passed as parameters to the Home page when S2Member is enabled: https://…/?_s2member_vars=sys…level…0…page…98…Lw%3D%3D&_s2member_sig=1572892857-4b70ee4df4d2723096032915bf86bbd3

Please help before I pull my hair out. :wink:


HI Christy.

Could it be that you set the Home page as the Login Welcome Page?

The LWP will always be protected at level 0, so a non-logged in user would be sent to the Membership Options Page.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile: