All emails going to spam

All emails from my website related to S2 are being send out to spam folder. how to fix?

I had this happening on my site.

The two things I did to solve this are:

  1. I added this plugin:

  2. I made sure I had an SPF record set on my server. (I didn’t have one set, and don’t remember the steps I took to add it. Your host may be able to help you out if you don’t have one configured.)

Hope one or both of these ideas solve this problem for you.


Hello, you should use a SMTP plugin. And it may happen because your hosting is not well considered by mail providers.

even with smtp plugin - you will need to add the correct SPF, DKIM and DMARC records (It’s part of DNS records) else you emails will always go to spam.

And then I keep my newsletter on another domain - it’s already bad enough you will need to send 2-3 links to your users for account creation/cancellation and each additional link - will make your email more suspectible to some badly managed spam filters of companies like t-mobile.
Actually t-mobile already refused all my emails back in 2012 or so because of no SPF. They were like the first email provider requesting this. But then other measures they take are ridiculous - because they don’t have any proper way of treating spam based on AI or intelligent filters.

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