Adsense Inserter not working

Comet Caches is preventing the plugin in Adsense Inserter from showing ads. I have to deactivate Comet Cache to get the ads to show. Any suggestions for a total newb?

Thank you. Standing by.

Does your PHP error log show any related errors that might give a clue as to what’s wrong? If not, I suggest contacting the AdSense Inserter plugin developer to see if their plugin is compatible with WordPress page caching plugins like Comet Cache.

Hi. Thank you for your reply. Not sure where to find the PHP log. I’ll
contact the Developer and see what he says.
Thank you.

Ahhh, found the problem. I had Ad Blocker enabled on my browser. I paused
it the Ads show up. Brain is pretty fried right now. I’ll try the cache
plugins tomorrow.