Administrative: New User Notification fields

We added a variety of fields to the new user notification emails using the “Administrative: New User Notification (click to customize)” section of this page: wp-admin/admin.php?page=ws-plugin–s2member-gen-ops. When a dropdown form is used, the selection/choice made by the user isn’t shown in the email. Also, some of the fields are checkboxes. Will those appear in the email?

How do we get all of these fields to show. We ask them because our membership team needs to put them in their database. Unfortunately, they are opposed to downloading the csv file which would make this all a whole lot easier since it outputs the information correctly.

If that’s the only option, let me know and will propose that as an alternative.

They are added to your email template using Replacement Codes. Look for API/Notifications admin page.

Also see

I already followed the instructions for replacement codes but the information from drop-down fields don’t appear in the email. We have a dropdown question asking if they are new or renewal member. In that case, their choice from the dropdown doesn’t appear, only the “New Member or Renewal” part. I don’t see any special section in any of the information you referred me to that says how to make the content from those special fields appear. The content from normal text fields is appearing fine.

Sorry if that didn’t help. s2member does not document their placeholders in an easy-to-find place.