Admin user Locked out

this really shits me…i have wordfence on my site as well as s2members. wordfence is set such that my static ipaddress is whitelisted.

bloody s2members has locked me out of admin!

  1. How do i get back in
  2. how do i stop this from happening

i do have a bit of a workaround that may be of help to others…s2members locks out via IP Address.
So I setup my mobile phone hotspot, and then configured my computer to use that internet connection instead of our home/office static ip address.
i was then able to log in again without waiting 30 minutes.
Hope this workaround helps others too.

Hi Adam.

Thanks for the update. Glad you found a quick workaround to not wait.

Something must have triggered s2’s protection. You may want to adjust the settings here WP Admin > s2Member > Restriction Options:

  • Brute Force IP/Login Restriction
  • Unique IP Access Restrictions
  • Simultaneous Login Restrictions


Has whitelist ip address been added to this plugin yet?

it seems ridiculous that i have to go through this bloody process everytime i get my password wrong a couple of times. I use a static ip address so i should just be able to whitelist it.

Try the search term whitelist on this forum.

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Not included in the plugin, but you can add it with a hack: How to whitelist an IP address so it is not blocked after failed login attempts