Admin approval for new membership registration

Is it possible to prevent a new member from logging in to the site after registration until it has been approved by an administrator. Some of the content of the site will be sensitive and only legitimate users should be allowed to view the content.

Hi John,

Please see this article:


Hi Cristian, thank you for your kind assistance.
This does not quite manage the problem for my scenario. I only want free registration, but I do not want the new user to have access to the site until it is approved by an administrator. The current process allows anyone to access the site just by registering, but we want the user to register and only allowed access once approved as a valid user.
I suspect that this is not possible.
It appears that all membership plugins assume that it is for monetary gain, not as a simple process to restrict access to the site.

Hi John.

But you can protect the site’s content at level 1, for example. Free registration gives level 0, so he won’t be able to access the content until the admin changes his level to 1. You don’t need to charge to change the user’s level, editing the profile is done by the admin without requiring a payment.