Adjusting Cancellation Window


Is there a way to add a cancellation window to s2member or Stripe Pro forms? Ideally I want to make it so users can’t cancel their membership within two days of their monthly billing period to allow for some Admin time with my email list, etc.

I’m a very novice user with no programming background, so if there is a way to do this please explain it as simply as humanly possible :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Cody,

You could try the Stripe cancellation inside an s2Drip that shows it after the 2 days…

[s2Drip access="level1" from_day="3"]
[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form cancel="1" desc="This will cancel your subscription. Are you sure?" unsub="0" captcha="0" /]

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: