Additional billing fields

Good afternoon.

I have the following problem which I would like to know if with your plugin I can solve it.

I bought the PRO version of s2Member, I have my registration form and my stripe forms. However I need to add additional faturation information which must be registered in stripe without affecting the registration information of my users, for example.

Juan Perez

Billing name
Juan’s Company

My home

Billing Address
My office

With this, what I want to achieve is that in my wordpress my username is Juan Perez but in stripe it is Juan’s Company

How can I do this?

Hola Juan.

I’m sorry, but that’s not in the current integration. I do have in mind improving the invoicing and taxes in the future, so I’ll take into account what you’re saying here.

I’m not sure you can simply enter the company’s name into Stripe as the name, though, because it should match the card holder’s name.

You could probably custom code saving the company name in his customer profile at Stripe…

Stripe has a customer metadata field that you could use for the company in your customization.

Also the customer’s invoice_settings.custom_fields could be useful:

In s2Member you can create a custom profile field for the company, but it won’t be used for Stripe, it’s a WordPress field. WP Admin > s2Member > General > Registration/Profile Fields

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: