Add users by third party

Hi all, after some input please…

We have an online learning website that is set up using s2member free framework with ccaps allowing users access to what they have paid for. We are negotiating with another institute to sell a selection of our ‘courses’. I am looking for ways/ideas to implement this in a simple way according to 2 scenarios:

  1. If new student goes to institute and pays cash at their office, how can they be added to s2member and given the appropriate ccaps by the office person there?

  2. If a new student goes to institute’s website and makes purchase, how can they be added to s2member, etc? same as above really.

Is there a way the institute could create a new user with the email address of the new student and give them access to the correct course (via ccaps)? (I am trying to avoid manual work on my side adding new users as they need them. Also, don’t want to give them Admin access to our site as well as that adding new users with the correct ccaps is open to manual errors.) Is there a plugin that could do this? or is this what Proforms can do? i.e. institute adds name, email address, password, and a dropdown of the course and a new user is created? I’d make a new webpage for them to do this on. Getting the new student to register and make the purchase on our website isn’t feasible for either option as there is no easy way for the institute to know/prove it’s their student i.e. resulted from their advertising/marketing, etc.

You have two options:

a) Custom Code


b) View this as an affiliate relationship


From your description, the simplest path for you is to consider the other site an affiliate and have all the transactions be routed via your website. Simplest and most secure option.

Thanks Tim. Do you mean custom code to create an interface for adding new users by the third party? Is this a lot of coding or something relatively simple? are there any examples available to start from please?

With regards to the second option, we have to start out small and slow, so the expense cannot be justified at the initial stage - are there any free plugins for this?

Custom code samples see:

Free affiliate plugin that claims s2member compatibility see (CAVEAT EMPTOR - I’ve never used this plugin so I cannot attest to its quality & integrity)