Add time to recurring subscription?

This might be a Paypal question, but we are using S2Member to create recurring annual subscriptions using both paypal and (now) Stripe. One member has a recurring annual subscription with Paypal, but for customer service issues we need to add one year to her subscription.

My initial thought was that i could just put that in the EOT field, but i think i now understand that paypal “writes” to the EOT field but doesn’t read it in terms of when to charge the customer again for an annual renewal.

If she is paid for a year already and her next annual paypal subsciprtion payment is Nov 2, 2017, is there a way to instead skip a payment so that her next payment would be Nov 2, 2018 - essentially giving her a free year?

Thanks for any thoughts…

You can change the Automatic EOT date in the User Profile and it should be picked up by the PayPal IPN.

Thanks @JediShark -

So if I understand correctly:

  1. If they buy a 1-year subscription on paypal on Jan 1, 2017, and I go in and changed their EOT to Jan 1, 2020 - Paypal would NOT charge them on 1/1/2018 or 1/1/2019 but would resume charging them on 1/1/2020?

Thanks for any additional thoughts / confirmations that this is how EOT works bilaterally with paypal.

Yes, that is the way the EOT works. :wink: If you are at all nervous about it, check it first with a Membership that you can check both on the WordPress/s2Member and PayPal sides. :slight_smile:

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I would love to know if this worked for you. I have to update several memberships to give them 2 months - 2 months AFTER the date that PayPal is supposed to charge them. I am updating the EOT manually, but the fact that Paypal has an earlier date scares me a bit. :flushed:

Hopefully this response will still be beneficial for you (or others).

I would recommend against adding time to Paypal subscriptions. Stripe has worked fine, but with PayPal, adding 6 months to a subscription seem to have broken the recurring payments on PayPal. By that I mean, PayPal is still charging the recurring payments as expected, but that recurring link seems to have been broken so my site expires them and I have to go in and manually change them back to Premium Member.

I very well could have done this in the wrong way, and there could be a good way to do this. I just know what I tried created additional headaches and work for me.

Maybe someone else here has done this successfully…?