Add 3rd Party shortcode to S2Member Pro customized registration page


I’d like to add a Recaptcha V3 security check to a S2Member Pro customized registration page. Racaptcha V3 does not seem to be supported by S2Member Pro so I’m attempting to use a third party Recaptcha plugin (reCaptcha by BestWebSoft). The plugin does not support a customized / third party registration form out of the box but does provide a shortcode to place on the form.

BTW, the plugin automatically added the Recaptcha to the login and forgot password forms. Just not the customized registration form.


How do I add a third party shortcode to a S2Member Pro customized registration page?

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Hi James,

You can try from the pro-form’s template.

If needed, use do_shortcode.


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Hi James,
did you manage to get Recaptcha v3 working on a registration page?