Ad-free content

Hello, new user here. I run a blog-based website for a small society. I would like to have the following levels of membership, and I am wondering if it is possible to do this with S2 Member:

Everyone gets to read one free blog post a month.
Bronze: access to all posts, with ads.
Silver: all posts, ad-free
Gold: as silver, but also with a print-on-demand quarterly or bi-annual magazine featuring content from the blog (this is something that multiple readers have requested, and said that they would be willing to pay premium rates for).

Please can someone tell me how to go about setting this structure up, if it is possible to do so?

Hi Nick.

You can set up Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Of course, for Gold, s2 can tell you who’s at that level, but not handle the print-on-demand. You can probably use s2’s notifications API to integrate with printing service, though. WP Admin > s2Member > API / Notifications

About the one free post a month, this is trickier, because s2 doesn’t have an access counter for it. The user either has the access or doesn’t. You could achieve it with a bit of customization, though. Maybe have a bit of code that checks for a value in that user’s profile, if he doesn’t have it, show him the page and add that value to his profile, if he has the value, don’t show him the content. And you’d have to reset those counters starting the month. Or something like that. You can get a developer custom code this for you.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Of course I realise that the printing will have to be done externally, but it would at least tell me who needs a copy. It was how to do versions with and without ads that I was mainly interested in.