Activation Link Sends to Normal Registration Page


I use both PayPal (Regular Buttons) and Stripe (Pro Form)

I don’t accept free users anymore.

When a user subscribes to a paid plan using PayPal and clicks on the activation link, they’re redirected to the regular Registration Page that only allows them to choose a paid subscription via Stripe, since I am using your Stripe Form there.

How can we send people clicking on the activation link to a page that’s dedicated to them, so they can activate/finish their registration or even modification, if they already have an account that was previously demoted and used the new subscription option instead of the modification button?

I understand the activation link should open a page with “log in if you already have an account” or “register below (without asking for the user to pay again)” instead of a registration page that’s generic and designed for users to are just registering a new account without having paid anything beforehand (activation page should not be the same as registration page).

If not possible right now, I also have a different page that’s similar to my regular registration page, but that allows for users to register for free accounts (like before). How would I go about redirecting only users that use activation links there?

This issue is causing some users to subscribe twice (PayPal AND Stripe after) or to not register/activate their accounts after paying.


Note: Using the success="" on my button code only works if the user is redirected to the success page from PayPal (I just tested) and uses it right away. The link sent via email still redirects to the generic registration page (even if opening the same browser with another tab open with the correct page automatically obtained from PayPal), where I use Stripe Pro Form and require payment.

I also tried your php solution to redirect “success” but it does not work either. Trying to use the correct address with the ?s2member_register=randomsequencegeneratedbyyourpluginandsentviaemail doesn’t work either, I am also redirected to the default registration page


Thanks for any helpful suggestion!!