Action Required: 3d Verification - but payment still works, new member not processed in s2

This has been happening for new sign ups for just the last few days.

Anyone able to assist me with a fix please?


Hi Tanya,

I saw your email just now with additional details, too. Thta’s an odd behavior.

Does it happen to everyone, or only some? Do you find something in common between those that get it?

Could you tell me more to help me reproduce the behavior? Could you show me the shortcode you’re using? What does the 3DS message say exactly? Any error codes?

Could you show me the Stripe log entries for a transaction that had this behavior?

If you haven’t yet, please also enable s2’s logging. When you reproduce the behavior, please look for all the relevant entries in the different log files. WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Log Files

You can send me the log entries via email.