Account Not Active, Receiving Notifications

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can help me because I am at my wits end with this. Every day for the last five days, I have been receiving an email from PayPal that an IPN has been sent to the domain name that I used S2 member. Part of the website link has S2 member in the link, so the payment is coming from that plugin.

The issue is that I have not used that website, that domain, or S2 member in three years. I never even used it for my business as I ended up not launching the membership site. There is no reason why the website would be sending me payments three years later, but I have been notified about it every day for the last five days.

PayPal doesn’t know why this is. I repurchased the domain name again this morning to help sort this out, but my ex-website host and the domain host know nothing about it, so it must be connected to the plugin.

If someone could help me that would be great because I am running out of options here.

Hi Lisa.

If PayPal is pointing to s2Member’s IPN URL, then it’s mostly likely a subscription created with s2Member. I don’t know when, though, it could be an old one, maybe as a test for annual payments or something like that. And if PayPal is not trying to notify that URL and the site doesn’t exist, then they’d be getting errors and notify you about it.

You could look at your PayPal IPN history, and then look at the details of those notifications.

You can also look at your subscriptions and see if there’s one active there that would be causing those notifications.