Accessing member pages from URL

I have wp installed, S2member and buddypress. everything is working except -
I have 4 membership levels.
To upload an image (upg images) you need to be s2 level 2 or higher.
The page with the upload form on is set in page restrictions for level 2.
If you log in and are a level 1 user the option for the page is missing from the main menu. If you are level 2 the option appears on the main menu and works fine.
if you are level 1 and cannot see the option for the upload page, but type the url in the address bar, it can be accessed and images uploaded.
How do I prevent accessing pages directly like this?
Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Ill reply ! I fixed it, my fault entirely, forgot to set the membership options page in settings… oops