A Microsite, iFrames and s2Member

I currently use a 3rd party tool to create microsites. I am using the S2 plugin in WordPress to create a membership setup where my monthly members will have access to the content I am creating using this 3rd party authoring tool. I can’t figure out how to properly protect the microsites to only members.

What I have so far is I have created member only WordPress pages which then load the correct microsite into an iFrame. Unfortunately the only way I have been able to get this to work is to host my microsites on a subdomain. That also means that microsite is technically available to the world.

Ideally, I would store the microsite content in a folder in WP somewhere and then load that into my WP Member protected pages but I can’t figure out how to properly do that. Any help would be appreciated.

What 3rd party tool are you using and what are you referring to as a microsite…is this a subsite of a multisite?

If you are trying to sell subsites on a multisite installation then look at the following plugin https://github.com/wpmudev/pro-sites