502 Bad Gateway Error

I’m getting a 502 Bad Gateway Error when users have a protected page bookmarked.

For example, https://patterson.sprintray.us/dashboard/

Ideally I’d prefer users be redirected to a login page as opposed to seeing this error, is there a way to do this?

I am not seeing a bad gateway error.

I’m now getting this for all the registration access links. Since the last time it was working, nothing that I know of has changed. The main site is up fine and working.

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Is user logged in, while click the link?

Same problem. Sometimes the activation link works, sometimes the person gets Error 502 bad gateway. Everything else works normally. My site is on Nginx and I use cloudflare. I have a page rule to bypass cache for any page with ?s2 but it does not solve the problem. Any advice? Thanks!

Can you clarify what an “activation link” is?

The link s2member sends the user in the email right after they pay.

For some reason it works now. Thanks anyway :slight_smile: