403 Errors in ahrefs scan

I holks, I recently ran a ahrefs scan and it threw up dozens of 403 errors like in the attachment. Any thoughts why? Is it an issue I need to be concerned about? Maybe I need to uninstall s2Member if it is corrupting my site? Thank you Roger

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403 means forbidden so either s2 is blocking like it’s supposed to or perhaps a security plugin or firewall is being a bit aggressive.

That 403 is for s2’s javascript/css file. As Ric said, it’s likely a security setting of your server. See: https://s2member.com/kb-article/mod-security-odd-403-503-500-errors/

It could also be a plugin like SiteGround Security with its “Lock and Protect System Folders” setting.

Are you getting 403s for those images you posted, as well?


That was all sorted. Thank you. Apologies for not updating earlier. Your advice was the solution. Regards, Roger.

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Thanks for the update! I’m glad that did it.