3D-Secure Confirmation Failing for customers

I’ve recently started to have customers complain that their payments are failing. This began in July and it appears that all of issues stem from the 3D-Secure validation process failing. The customers are entering the validation codes from their bank correctly, but the payment still fails.

Stripe logs this as an incomplete payment and captures the failure message:

“The latest payment attempt of this PaymentIntent has expired. You can provide payment_method_data or a new PaymentMethod to attempt to fulfill this PaymentIntent again.”

the oldest of these goes back to January of this year and I could not find any successful 3D-Secure payments, which makes me think this was never set up correctly.

I switched over to test mode today and could reproduce this with the test cards. Validation was failing with the error message “Missing or invalid Security Verification. Please try again.”

When setting up Stripe I followed the instructions here:

I’m hoping it’s a minor config issue, any help or guidance would be much appreciated.