220809 Pro Update Zip Not Up

220809 update is showing in WordPress, but the 220421.zip is the only one available on site.

Hi @bcolflesh,

That’s right, nothing to worry about. This update is for the Framework only. I will probably upload a v220809 of the Pro add-on for some updated details, but nothing changes in it.

Did you get a notification of the upgrader in your dashboard? Is Pro still active on your site after the Framework update?

The Account page doesn’t show it because until now it always relied on the Pro file available to update the links. In the coming hours/day I’ll look at the Account page and releases archive, to see that the links are updated.

This is the first time I’m not requiring a framework-pro matching version for Pro to activate. This is something I’m working on improving, so that site owners don’t have Pro deactivate without them noticing when the Framework updates. I’m not sure I can achieve this in every release yet, but I’m working towards that, and this is the first one in that direction.



Thanks for the reply/information!

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Thanks for the info, I haven’t updated it cause I didn’t see the pro update for it as well. This was a first for me not to see them released together so I wasn’t sure.


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Hi Ross.

Yeah, it’s a first. Sorry for throwing you off.

Like I mentioned above, I may upload a matching version of the Pro add-on just so it’s not so unusual, but in the future it may become common that they don’t always come out together.


So just to be 100% clear, I can update to the 220809 framework but leave the Pro files at version 220421 without any issues?

I updated the Framework plugin automatically in WP but am still running Pro at 220421. I just want to be sure that won’t cause any issues and I don’t need to be messing with the Zip file -> FTP install hassle right now.


Yep, you don’t need to worry about it. If you have the updated Framework and see the Pro add-on still active, you’re good. The idea is to prevent unnecessary Pro deactivations because of a version mismatch, when there isn’t really an incompatibility or requirement.


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Awesome! Thanks!!

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I’m going to piggyback on this thread to ask @clavaque about the auto-update for Pro. For a while now on my WP Plugins section, I have NO update options available. I can’t even enable / disable auto update. Is this the way it’s supposed to look?

Similarly, the S2Member Framework has text with “Auto-updates disabled” and no way to enable auto-updating. Again, is that accurate? I just want to make sure there’s no issue with my configuration somehow.


Hi Aaron,

Yes, that’s how it is, nothing wrong with your installation.

I do plan to keep making improvements to this, but am taking it a bit at a time.

In the future I want to allow auto-updates for the Framework if possible. Until now it was a risky thing, because the Framework updating by itself, would leave the Pro add-on behind the minimum required version, and cause the Pro features to deactivate, for the site owner to find out later, which wouldn’t undesirable, to say the least.

The Pro add-on is not in the WordPress.org repository, so I doubt it can piggyback on that feature. What I want to do in the future, though, have the updater when there’s a newer version available at s2member.com, even when the current version is still active, not just when it’s required for Pro to reactivate.


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With your new handling, you should change the wording in

which is still saying:

“New versions of the s2Member Framework and of the s2Member Pro Add-on are always released simultaneously from our end.”

Aaron, framework auto-updates are allowed since the last release.


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Thanks Peter. For now I’m still releasing both together, even the version match is not required for Pro activation anymore.


Hello, I’m new to S2Member Pro. A client asked me to help them update their WordPress plug-ins. I read all the documentation and updated S2Member Framework in the WordPress plugin screen. However, I’ve not received a notification to update the S2Member Pro plugin-in. The Framework is at version 221103 and the Pro is at 220318. I did notice that the Framework now states “Version 221103 + s2Member Pro v220318”.

The documentation is pretty clear these two need to stay in sync with one another, but the above thread seems to indicate that may not be the case any longer.

So, just to make sure I don’t have things messed up, does the Pro plugin still need to be added manually, and if so where do I go to download the file?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.