We must to save s2Member!


It seems to me that there are only two main reasons for s2Member to die definitively:

  • Gutenberg update :/.
  • Payment API evolutions, especially PayPal and Stripe (the most used).
    So is it conceivable for some good developers to update these two things in the source code that is still available to everyone?
    I will be ready to help, even if my skills in the field are probably a bit limited.
    Anyway, if the s2member developers have gone, I think we are the only ones who can save this beautiful plugin.


Please check my solution.

Hi Krum,

I have read your project and I am ready to join if s2Member is officially abandoned by their developers.
I think that we would all need an official answer about the update or not of the plugin for the Gutenberg’s arrival and the future evolutions of payment APIs.


Great, please try to find somebody to ask about.

I don’t think there is anything to save. Technically besides very important updates to keep it working - s2member has been dead for years. It’s rather important to get out of it as soon as possible and to find the best alternative.
Essentially s2member is 2010 not 2018 tech.

Plus Stripe is for example not supporting Stripe Sources - so the more mobile dependant your business is - the less it actually works already right now. For many websites it’s essential to have Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Checkout or similar offered via Stripe Sources. Stripe sources make it way easier to support different payment options instead of supporting each payment gateway on it’s own.

Right now it’s only China where people think WTF is a credit card, I want to pay with my mobile phone via WeChat or Ali/Tencent - I guess soon this will apply more and more to Europe and America too. Paypal is still important in Europe - same as actually for old people to support bank wire (easiest through something like Giropay or iDeal and similar - all supported via Stripe Sources). With s2member right now checkout is way too difficult for new generations and not quick enough. Besides Content protection I don’t think there is anything worthy to keep.


You may be right, but I remain convinced that the changes you are talking about are still possible if the community is working on them!
Replacing s2Member with another member management plugin is probably easy for a novice site with no or few clients, but for sites with many customers and current subscriptions it seems to be very difficult.
If anyone knows a good solution to do this for a site with many customers and active subscriptions, I would be very interested and happy to know it too.


I have written how to do it for Optimizemember - and I’m pretty positive carrying over customers into MemberPress is also possible - HOWEVER you maybe have to change your business model outside of subscriptions for the future - as it has limitations on renewals if account is still active this is not really possible. Also discounts has to be via voucher instead of via membership level and so on - really different concept.

I’ve played it through on a test site with 15.000 accounts (expired, active, with subscription) and it works quite easily - should be doable with 30minutes downtime for Optimizemember. For Memberpress due to not being able to easily change my business model - I did not go all the way to play it through.