ThriveCart integration

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@clavaque I got it all working perfectly. :wink: tested it like 30 times, works every time. finally finished with it for my client. He is very happy.


Anybody got this working and stable?

Mind sharing your findings? :slight_smile:

Hi @dahmaniadame, don’t have any news on my side, still looking for a working solution :frowning:
Making this integration custom-made is just too expensive (I’d be better off just buying MemberPress).

@clavaque, any ideas? Maybe Zapier integration, a webhook or something?

Hi Mary.

I thought you had sorted that out with Richard, so I wasn’t worried about it… ThriveCart integration

Hmm… Okay, I’ll bump this in to-do, still not at the top, but much closer. I’m having to sort out some things first.

Thanks for the reminder, and sorry I misunderstood that you had it sorted out already.


Hi @clavaque! Thanks a lot. Richard and I couldn’t find an agreement. It would take him too much work to do what I needed and for me it would be cheaper to just switch to MemberPress, so we left it there.

We’ve been looking for other options and still want to stay with s2M, so we’re seeing what it takes us to use webhooks or something like that as a temporary solution. I’m glad to know you’ve put this closer from getting done :slight_smile:

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Hi @clavaque,

Apologies if this is not the correct place to post, I couldn’t see a direct support contact email in your support area, it advised to post in the forum or contact someone on Upwork for technical support.

My names Dale and I’m from the ThriveCart support team and I helping a mutual customer automatically add customers to S2Member from ThriveCart.

I understand OptimizeMember and S2Member share a lot of similarities, so I was expecting to be able to use Zapier Webhook to create this integration.

ThriveCart > Zapier GET Webhook > S2Member

This works perfectly with OPM and only took a few minutes to set up. It might just be this one customers website, but using the same process it’s not working with S2Member and I’m wondering if this is something you’ve considered/tested yourself.

I’ve not been able to find any clear instructions, but I do note that the level variable is different with S2Member so I’ve adjusted that to suit.

The following setup in Zapier would create the user, assign them to level 2 and then generate their password. At least in OPM it does. Is there anything different with S2 member that you can see from this?

Note that I’m not personally a developer, but setting this up with OPM took just a couple of minutes, but with S2Member on this mutual customers install it’s not working. They have S2Member Pro.

If it’s possible to get this working through Zapier, then that’s also an option for everyone else.