ThriveCart integration

Look at optimizeMember -it has thrivecart integration, but it sucks. Thrivecart does not work well with EOT.
Also thrivecart tax management sucks, if you want or another good service, then thrivecart does not work as they set 0tax instead of no tax.

In my case, my service is tax free, so ThriveCart works perfectly fine for me. Also, EOT functionality would be great, sure. But what I really need is to at least being able to connect the payment informaton so that s2M authorizes registration after a ThriveCart sale has been made.

Hi Mary,

I don’t think it would be too hard. If you have s2Member Pro, message me if you would like to test some beta code to see how we can integrate the two. It will need the Pro add-on to use the Remote Operations API.



No service Sold to EU customers is tax free! Also some other countries have a 0 threshold

My service is tax free. I live in France and I’m a registered dietitian. Health-care services are exempted of taxes here, therefore I don’t need to charge for taxes :slight_smile:

Only if you never provide them to someone living out of France, and consuming the service out of France

Thanks for the concern but no. My company is registered in France so my services are under the French laws - no matter where my clients reside. Of course, I consulted with lawyers and accountants (who wrote my terms of service) and my services are NOT pure infoproducts (in which case yes, they would be taxable).

I’d love to see y’all work on this code together too :).

I wish I had the time to write it; doesn’t seem too complex.

VAT laws are handled in oecd level, then EU, only then national law, it does not matter much therefore about french laws. Italian companies noticed this the hard way at the introduction when Italy was late in introducing vat moss regulation into local law. Effectively according to their laws they would have needed to pay vat twice, then claim it back from Italy once law introduced. However the authorities actually informed that companies should not respect the local law and only pay the vatmoss.

If you’re services are not purely digital, it depends if the non digital part is substantial. Sending out a sticker set, or gadget of comparatively low value would not suffice. Also not enough is e.g. for online courses to have in addition some local courses, if they are not consumed by the majority of your subscribers. E.g. you offer a weekly offline course at your hometown included in your subscription, but you cannot proove that a large majority of your foreign buyers actually consumes this course.
This topic is really complicated and not handled well yet.

Thrivecart tax handling sucks outright and does not fullfil any regulations, as it’s based in IP only and even stores no proof. It’s a 2 matching pieces of location requirement - at least for total turnover above 100.000 euros in EU, but in other countries even from 1euro.
There is a good reason why and similar exists, I guess their codebase is much bigger than thrivecart.

And most tax consultants still haven’t remotely understood vatmoss correctly.

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To get back to topic - as the Thrivecart integration is under an open license (stated in the file) of Optimizemember - I can well distribute it to those who want to develop there.

Note the s2member API needs an additional ability - and that is setting date not only fixed, but also “+” aka extending time as in the GUI user profile. Plus maybe add a quick documentation so that ThriveCart team can implement it.

thrivecart is not made for one product, several terms - but they did add the ability to at least set some dates for each product (after I complained a lot - not knowing that s2member/optimizember API does not allow to add time, only set a new date - or if it does - it’s not documented. So first add that (should be very simple) - then go on to integrate Thrivecart - which does not look hard either).

Oh yeah - at the same time make it possible to query EOT through the API. Then Thrivecart team can decide what they prefer (take the queries leftover time and add the new time to it on their end, which could be nice for invoices and so on!) or just let s2member handle it.

I have S2Member Pro and do need to integrate ThriveCart into it… for Cart and Affiliate Program… for a potential client… does it work?

Not yet, no.

I have done some work on this, but haven’t gotten it to work yet. I can try other approaches, but it will not be just yet. First I need to finish working on the updates for the new European payments regulation.

I do want to make this integration work, though, I plan to come back to it in the future.


This is something I really need and been waiting for almost a year… I totally understand it’s not on your priorit list!

I’m willing to pay for this to be developped. Do you know of someone who could do it? Or at least who can help me setup a workaround to get some notifications and automations working. I’m currently doing everything manually and, as you might guess, it’s not great…

Hi Mary.

I can understand the extra work it means to handle more things manually.

I can work with you on this, but after I finish with the European regulation thing.

I don’t know who to recommend for it…

Thanks Cristián!

I know the European thing is imminent. I’ll wait then.
I’ll poke you back in some time if I don’t hear from you first :slight_smile:
Thanks for the willingness to work on this!

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I think I can make my own custom integration, utilizing the custom capabilities… and PHP customization…

I can create a pass through page, where it looks for something specific and when it gets it, then it goes and checks if the account exists, if it does, then it adds the custom capabilities to it, if not a member, then it creates a membership record, and activates it on the fly and adds their custom capabilities…

Should be easy enough… thing is, I don’t know what data thrivecart passes. I’ve never used it before. never even bought anything through it.

Yes, I got it to work!!! I can use Thrive Carts Webhook to send data from the transaction to my website via a callback, and it will pass the data, then I can have my code execute to do what I want it to do!!! I works!!!


Nice work, Richard! :smiley:

That’s awesome, Richard! Can we get in touch? I’d love to be able to use your code on my website. I can pay for that, of course :slight_smile:

PM Sent